- Ipswich, United Kingdom -

We visited Jogja with some ideas of what we wanted to do to make our holiday the trip of a lifetime. Teguh made it happen better than we could have imagined. He has great recommendations and perfect hosting skills. Whether you're looking for typical tourist, or off the beaten track, Teguh is the man for the job.

Winston S

#Winston S

- Herndon, Virginia, United States -

I was very fortunate to have Teguh as my driver for my 24 hours in Yogyakarta. Teguh is the absolute best! If you want to make something happen, he will ensure that it happens. If you are unsure what to do in Yogyakarta area, he has tons of suggestions and can help you create the perfect itinerary. Teguh goes out of his way to ensure that your trip is a success no matter what. He strives for excellence and in my opinion exceeds all expectations of excellence. You will not only have a fantastic adventure, but a fun and enjoyable adventure with the best driver in Yogyakarta guaranteed.

Our trip was extremely tight. We were literally in Yogya for 24 hours and had three destinations to see. All of them are opposite from each other which means driving from one side to another. Our plane landed late (unexpected) and we had literally less than an hr and half to get from the airport to Jomblang cave in order to go down. He not only got us there before 10am (along the way we even managed to stop for some Bali breakfast takeaway), but also got us there in time to get a perfect number to go down and come back up. He then drove us all the way to Borobudur (which is the opposite side of the Yogyakarta that we were on) and even got us to Prambanan Temple early morning as a bonus prior to our plan leaving at 8am. I don't know how he did it, but he organized our trip so perfectly that we were able to visit all our spots, take beautiful pictures prior to the crowds showing up and make it to our flight.

On top of this, he did it all with a with a smile and kept so much positivity through the trip. I couldn't ask for a better driver. Thank you so much Teguh! You are the absolute best!



- Vancouver, Canada -

My best friend recommends Teguh for this trip, he is a very great guy, knowledgeable, flexible and funny as well. We enjoyed our one day trip to Borobudur, watching the sunrise on this VIP Manohara program was amazing. We loved it.



- Singapore -

This has been long overdue review, I must thank Tenju and his cousin for showing me and my friends around the wonderful city and also sharing with us the culture.

Also thanking him for celebrating my friend birthday. He has been a wonderful guide and also a great attitude.



- Singapore -

Being the 2nd visit to Jogja, I wasn't expecting much. Much to my delight, the trip was made wonderful and more fun with Teguh.

He's considerate, speaks good English, and importantly understands our needs. Our group of 4 is always hungry for local food and we eat non stop. He constantly brings us to eat and to sightsee.

Other than the usual borobudur and prambanan, we trekked Padi fields and had a "life saving" fresh coconut water!

Teguh's passion for his job is amazing and commendable.

Kudos Teguh, pls keep up with is attitude as we do not see much of such from other driver guides.

Ann L

#Ann L

- Brooklyn, New York -

We spent our time in Yogyakarta with Teguh Widodo of TW Driver Jogja for airport transfers and 1 day for Prabaman & Borodubor temples.

- Easy communication and responded quickly on email.
- Besides the standard sunrise/sunset Prabaman and Borodubor visits, TW Driver Jogja offers so many other itineraries: Mt.Merapi (Volcano) Trekking via Selo District, 5 hour Selogriyo 'Isolated Temple' Trekking Via Citran Village, Kedung Kayang Waterfalls, Pawon Temple - Mendut & Buddhist Monastery, Jomblang Cave..and many more
- With a highly infectious laugh, Teguh is such a hilarious, caring, and charismatic guide. He was probably the most entertaining guide of our whole trip. He went out of his way to take us to local markets and restaurants to try all sorts of authentic snacks and dishes. And if you’re in a time crunch, he will make sure to pack all the things you want to see in your timeframe!
- Great introductory experience, we were given a branded envelope with all sorts of printed materials- our ITN, entrance fees for all major landmarks and pamphlets. Def a nice touch that differentiated from other tour guide bookings.
- We also had the pleasure of spending time with Lilik, who worked with us on our remaining half of the tour. He was very warm, spoke good English, and took us to delicious satay for our last dinner.

Highly recommend this company!